In March 2024, AFD China Partnered With The Capital Intellectual Property Services Association For The Sixth Time To Fund Impoverished Rural Students

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Life is full of ups and downs, unexpected turns and unpredictable events. If you ask me how to find hope in despair and grow resilient in adversity, ...
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Life is full of ups and downs, unexpected turns and unpredictable events. If you ask me how to find hope in despair and grow resilient in adversity, I think you at least need a strong heart filled with sunshine. You also need to accumulate enough strength to break through the shackles of life, so as to break free and fly freely. At every minute of every day, there are people striving to realize their ideals, while some are throttled by life and can only look up to the future. The trivialities of daily life may wear down our unique enthusiasm and momentum in youth, but they also bring us closer to the world and make us more respectful of life and more willing to use a warm heart to resist the vicissitudes of life.

Over the years, the Capital Intellectual Property Services Association has been caring about the learning and living conditions of the disadvantaged school-age children in Xingwen County, hoping to gather everyone's strength to support the children in completing their studies, cultivating their expertise, and providing them with the possibility of creating a bright future with their own hands. Such actions of spreading warmth and love have made us feel the power of unity. We are also honored to be a part of this "boat of love". 2023 marks the sixth year that AFD China has participated in the "Light Up Wisdom" educational assistance project. Among the 88 children to be funded, we continued to support the six children we have been helping for four consecutive years.

It is often said that "knowledge changes fate" and "teaching a man to fish is better than giving him fish". We hope that what the children can have is not just financial assistance, not just improved learning and living conditions, but the ability and confidence to face the future's diverse life independently, broad horizons and minds, as well as a warm and determined heart. We hope that their future will have infinite possibilities, and we hope that the button of life choices can be in their own hands.

Doing a good deed occasionally is easy, which may only require an "impulse" and some "insignificant" financial contribution. However, consistently doing good deeds is not easy, as it requires continuous attention to disadvantaged groups and significant investment of human and financial resources. The dedication of the Capital Intellectual Property Service Industry Association and the compassionate colleagues in the industry over the years has deeply impressed us with what corporate social responsibility is and how to effectively fulfill it. It has also made us feel the power of constant effort, giving us more confidence to do whatever we can with everyone to help those struggling at the edge of life. We firmly believe that with every extra hand reaching out, our society will become warmer and warmer.

Charity may be such a thing that seems to be forgotten in our busy lives, but whenever we think of it, it can awaken us from numbness. It reminds us that we can do far more than we imagine, and it makes us more grateful and willing to give. We are willing and hope to continue participating in charitable causes, bringing the love in our hearts to more people, and we also hope that everyone can accompany and witness us on this journey.

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