In January last year I wrote an article examining Huawei's win against Samsung in China regarding the 4G standard-essential patent lawsuit.

This concerned Huawei suing Samsung for using its technology illegally and resulted in the Intermediate People's Court in Shenzhen ruling in Huawai's favour, ordering Samsung to pay them 80 million yuan followed by a separate ruling by a Shenzhen court which blocked the manufacture and sale of the technology in question by Samsung in China.

However, despite the case being settled in China, the parties, were also battling in courts in the United States (where Samsung had countersued), where the fight continued.

The trial was set to start in September where Samsung would aim to prove that Huawei had breached its FRAND licensing obligations. However the proceedings have now halted as the two firms have signed a join motion to the US appeals court asking it to pause the proceedings as they have entered into a settled agreement.

At last it seems that this feud, which has been ongoing since 2016, is finally over with the parties reaching an agreement.

It's currently unclear what the exact terms of the settlement are.

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