Ali Spinner is a partner in the Crowe Soberman Tax Group, specializing in domestic and international tax services, estate planning, and due diligence.

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My name is Ali Spinner. I am a partner here in the Tax Group at Crowe Soberman. I have been with Crowe Soberman for 8 years now and I have been in the profession for 16.

What is something people don't know about you?

People would be surprised if they knew that I never thought I was going to become an accountant. I was going to become a doctor. In fact, in undergrad when I went to one of my professors, to ask them to write a letter of recommendation for graduate school... He told me that I had way too much personality to be an accountant. I like to think that my personality has helped me shine and grow as a professional.

What questions do you hear most often from clients?

The questions that I hear most often from clients are how they can organize their family's affairs in a tax efficient manner. I am passionate about helping clients navigate difficult questions or difficult concepts that come their way throughout their life horizon in the estate planning concept.

When did you first hear about Crowe Soberman?

I first heard about Crowe Soberman just over eight years ago, when a partner in the tax group called me up and asked me if I'd like to come and join the team here. Crowe Soberman has helped me in my career development by providing me with a platform to succeed. We are a firm that is truly built to last, we are a firm built on mutual respect, we have a beautiful culture with in the firm... and all of these have helped me grow as a professional.

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