Does COVID-19 mean that separated parents should not let the children see the other parent? Does the coronavirus crisis justify breaching court orders? This special edition of the Ontario Family Law Series by Family lawyer John Schuman explains the law and provides tips for difficult situations.

The coronavirus crisis is having a profound impact on every aspect of our society. With all the significant changes in the way that everyone is living every aspect of everyday life and all the new public health requirements, separated parents are having questions about whether they should continue to follow the current parenting scheduled as set out in a Parenting Order or to an agreement with their ex. All that is happening at a time when the Ontario court system is shut down and dealing with only the most desperate situations. As a result, there are no court decisions providing guidance about exactly what parents should do about their parenting schedules in the midst of this crisis. However, there are some established principles under our family laws that do provide some guidance. This podcast goes over those laws to give some assistance to separated parents.

Originally published 6 May, 2020

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