Even as the world grapples with variants and what appears to be the fourth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, employers are looking to transition back to a semblance of normal. With government, at all levels, providing inconsistent messaging and no legislative response, employers must carefully consider the best policies and practices going forward.

In the session held on August 24, 2021, lawyers from Stringer LLP discussed:

Whether employers can mandate employees to get vaccinated and/or tested and whether the "Delta" variant is a gamechanger

The impact of the recent announcements from private and public sector employers mandating vaccinations

How the unions have reacted to vaccination and testing issues

How to address work refusals for COVID-related concerns

Recall and reintegration of employees who were laid off or placed on statutory COVID leaves of absence

Addressing COVID-related accommodation requests, including from so-called, "long-haulers"

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