In January 2021, Ontario's Capital Markets Modernization Taskforce (the "Taskforce") released its final report (the "Final Report") following consultations and feedback from various stakeholders. The Taskforce was established in February 2020 to make recommendations to Ontario's Minister of Finance with a view to modernizing the province's regulatory framework and making Ontario's capital markets more attractive globally.

The Final Report sets out 74 recommendations primarily on improving regulatory structure; competition; ensuring a level playing field for market participants, particularly investors; enhancing the proxy system, corporate governance and mergers and acquisitions; fostering innovation and modernizing enforcement and enhancing investor protection.

Over the course of the next few weeks, McMillan will be publishing a series of bulletins, which provide a high-level overview of, and our commentary on, the recommendations set out in the Final Report.

To access the bulletins in this series, please click below.

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