DRAM, which stands for dynamic random access memory, is a type of memory chip used in computers and other electronics. The plaintiffs claim that certain manufacturers and distributors of DRAM chips conspired to fix prices from April 1, 1999, to June 30, 2002.

To date, defendants have agreed to pay over $61 million. The following table itemizes the settlements to date:

Defendant Date Settled Settlement Amount
Hitachi 18-Dec-12 $ 2,750,000
NEC 28-Nov-12 $ 2,750,000
Nanya 24-Jul-12 $ 325,000
Micron 16-Oct-12 $ 17,500,000
Samsung 30-Apr-12 $ 22,600,000
Hynix 5-Apr-13 $ 15,600,000
Infineon (not settled)
Total $ 61,525,000

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