The British Columbia government is developing new direct delivery and farm-gate sales programs to assist small scale cannabis producers gain a foothold into the retail market.

These programs will enable Health Canada-licensed small-scale producers, including nurseries, the option of delivering and selling cannabis directly to licensed retailers.

Cannabis producers in B.C. will have greater access to local retailers and consumers which have largely been dominated by larger producers. As outlined in our blog post on Craft Cannabis, these programs will allow for more varied products in the marketplace and will afford cannabis consumers with the ability to make more informed decisions about the types of products they want to buy and the businesses they wish to support. These programs will support the development of a robust, diverse and sustainable legal cannabis economy in B.C., which includes rural and Indigenous communities. The programs are set to launch in 2022.

The Ministry of Attorney General's Liquor Distribution Branch will launch an additional Indigenous Shelf Space Program sometime in 2021. The program aims to highlight cannabis products from B.C. Indigenous producers in B.C. Cannabis Stores to help consumers easily identify local options when making purchasing decisions.

Highlighted products will be made available at private B.C. cannabis retail locations, as well as through the B.C. Cannabis Stores online website.

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