Last week, Paul Willetts, was interviewed by Global National News as part of a report looking at the Canadian Union of Postal Workers' vote to certify couriers working for Foodora (an app-based food delivery company) in Toronto and Mississauga.

In the course of the interview, "Push to unionize Foodora could be 'watershed moment' for Canadian gig economy: employment lawyer", Willetts notes that the success of the union's proposed certification will depend on whether Foodora's workers are found to be employees or contractors. In addition, he shared his belief that the fight over recognizing app-based businesses as employers will be hard-fought and continue to play out over the next several years. In particular, Paul commented on the significant incentive that app-based businesses have to avoid being found to be employers. Their business models frequently rely upon work being performed locally without the encumbrances and costs that can flow when workers qualify as employees.

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