Number of mergers and acquisitions presents growth and 2014's first half comes close as the best period in history

With 406 operations concluded between January and June, 2014's mergers and acquisitions shows a growth of 5% over the same period last year.

This increase was enough to confirm the period as the second best first semester of the M&A story in the Brazilian market, behind only 2012's first semester, when 433 deals were concluded. The number of transactions also presents stability over 2013's second semester, in which 410 operations were concluded.

Although the country's growth expectation decreased, the mergers and acquisitions market still shows strength, showing that this type of operation is one of the most adopted alternatives by the companies for the expansion of their operations in the market.

Also it is important to highlight that, despite the current scenario, foreign companies still identify acquisition opportunities in Brazil, as observed in the 192 operations completed in the first half of 2014 in comparison to the 159 operations completed in the same period last year. This number is also consistent with 2013's second half, in which 194 transactions were observed.


In addition to Information Technology and Internet Companies sectors, which traditionally lead the ranking and recorded 54 deals and 43 deals respectively, the sector highlights of the first half of 2014 were on account of Energy Companies (27), Company Services (24), Food, Beverage and Tobacco (21), Telecommunications and Media (16) and Financial Institutions (16).

Regarding the quarterly results, between April and June it was registered a growth of 10% in comparison to 2013's same period (213 x 194). Confronting 2014's periods, the second quarter also registered an increase by 10% in relation to the first quarter (213 x 193). São Paulo, September 2014.

Luis Augusto Mott
Mergers & Acquisition
KPMG Corporate Finance

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