Insights into Deeds of Company Arrangement (DOCAs) with Sam Dundas

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The latest episode of The Cut discusses the complexities of insolvency law, with a particular focus on DOCAs.
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In the latest episode of The Cut, Simon Cathro delves into the intricacies of Deeds of Company Arrangement (DOCA) with guest Sam Dundas, a partner at King & Wood Mallesons. Together, they discuss the complexities of insolvency law, with a particular focus on DOCAs.

Sam shares insights from his extensive experience, recounting his career journey and his initial interest in this dynamic field due to its mix of advisory, transactional, and litigation components.

Based in Perth, Sam highlights the current surge in work within the insolvency sector, driven by high rates of business distress. He contrasts the impacts of the current economic downturn on small to medium businesses with those of the Global Financial Crisis, which primarily affected large corporations.

A significant portion of the discussion centers on the role of Deeds of Company Arrangement (DOCA) in the current economic environment. Sam explains how DOCAs provide a flexible and effective mechanism for companies to restructure their debts and avoid liquidation. He elaborates on the process of implementing a DOCA, its benefits over other insolvency solutions, and its suitability in various scenarios.

What you'll learn about:

  • The current state of the insolvency sector and the workload increase.
  • Different facets of insolvency law.
  • Impact of the economic downturn on small to medium businesses.
  • Comparisons between the current economic challenges and the Global – Financial Crisis.
  • The role and advantages of Deeds of Company Arrangement (DOCA) in insolvency proceedings.
  • Reasons why legal professionals are drawn to the dynamic field of insolvency law.


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