The demerit point scheme in New South Wales is regulated by Part 3.2 of the Road Transport Act 2013, and its related regulations.

How many demerit points do I have to accrue before I am suspended from driving?

The law states that a driver will have their licence suspended if he or she accrues a specific number of demerit points within a three year period.

The number of points relating to each licence type are as follows:

  • Unrestricted licence: 13 points
  • Professional driver: 14 points
  • Provisional P2 licence: 7 points
  • Provisional P1 licence: 4 points
  • Learner licence: 4 points

How long will I be suspended if I accrue these points?

Section 33 of the Act prescribes the following periods of suspension in the event demerit points are accrued or exceeded:

Number of demerit points incurred within previous 3 years Period of licence suspension
13 (or 14 in the case of a professional driver) to 15 3 months
16 to 19 4 months
20 or more 5 months

Can I elect to have a good behaviour licence?

Section 36 of the Act provides that a full licence holder who has accrued or exceeded his or her demerit point limit may apply for a good behaviour licence, instead of being suspended from driving.

This licence lasts for a period of 12 months.

If a driver accrues two or more demerit points while on a good behaviour licence, he or she will be suspended from driving in accordance with the following table:

Demerit Points Original Suspension Suspension for a breach on a good behaviour licence
13 to 15 3 months 6 months
16 to 19 4 months 8 months
20 or more 5 months 10 months

How long does it take to get my demerit points back?

According to the Act, demerit points are subject to deletion 3 years after the date of the offence for which the points are accrued.

So, for example, if 3 demerit points are accrued for an offence of speeding by more than 10km/h but not more than 20km/h on 5 April 2021, those demerit points are subject to deletion 3 years after 5 April 2021; although, for administrative reasons, the RMS may exercise discretion to add a reasonable period, to allow for payments and potential appeals.

According to the RMS website, this period may be an additional 4 months.

The Act also states that all demerit points are deleted upon the commencement of any driver licence suspension.

Going to court for a traffic offence?

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