In August this year the Government established certain measures concerning the certification of the quality of products. These measures have now been implemented via Governmental Decision
No 1144/ 11 November 1996.

The requirements provided by these regulations concerning the certification of the quality must be met by the products imported or manufactured in Romania and which are to be sold on the Romanian market, including imported goods representing the "contribution in kind" of the foreign investor to the capital of a company incorporated in Romania, as well as donations, aid and samples with no commercial value.

These measures apply to certain categories of goods, such as : products used in constructions, equipment on gas, electrical and non-electrical equipment (including medical and for home use apparatus), toys, food products, etc, irrespective of their origin or whether they are new, second hand or reconditioned products imported into Romania.

These regulations do not apply where products :

  • are imported into Romania in order to be re-exported ;
  • are to be displayed at fairs and exhibitions taking place in Romania;
  • are manufactured in Romania in order to be exported;
  • are in transit through the Romanian territory;
  • are shipped into Romania until 31 December 1996, subject to importation, on the basis of external contracts concluded previous to 13 August 1996.

The goods manufactured in Romania are allowed to be traded on the market only if they meet the national quality requirements.

As regards the imported products, they must comply with the quality conditions provided by International Standards (European, or the Standards of the country of origin of the imported product).

In order to prove this compliance, the following documents must accompany the imported products and must be submitted to Customs:

  • certificate of quality conformity, issued by certain competent agreed bodies, or if these bodies do not exist;
  • statement of conformity issued by the supplier, in accordance with SR EN 45014 Standard and the document referring to the results of the analysis obtained on the product.

We understand it is not mandatory to have a Romanian translation of the above mentioned documents when their wording is in English, French, German, Spanish or Russian. However, we believe it is advisable if the documents are accompanied by a translation into Romanian.

It should be noted that if products are imported without complying with the above mentioned legal provisions they cannot be traded on the Romanian market. For imported products, the customs duties and the other taxes paid by the importer cannot be refunded.

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