Lourika grew up in a small farming community near Mpumalanga – where they know how to milk a cow the old-fashioned way, drive a tractor, 'kleilat' like a pro and make a mean wood fire. People like Lourikaare born with braaibroodjies in their hands. So, when she claims, "I can make braaibroodjies!" — you believe her!

Lourika's first job was as a collections clerk at a Lynnwood-based law firm. Eventually, adventure called, and she tried her hand at hospitality and events in the Western Cape before returning to Pretoria to complete her Paralegal Practitioners Diploma. Lourika is now an accomplished Paralegal in the Commercial Litigation department at Barnard.

Barnard is a Strength-Based Organisation. Lourika's CliftonStrengths® are a part of what makes her such a valued member of the team.

  • Lourika leads with the Achiever strength. She is a hard worker and possesses a great deal of stamina. When Lourika is there, things just get done.
  • She also has the Learner strength. She has a deep desire to learn andto continuously improve. The process of learning is something that brings her a lot of satisfaction!
  • Lourika's Relator strength means that she enjoys herclose relationships with others. "My friends keep me sane," Lourika laughs. "They also make me crazy, but they have my back, no matter what." Her colleagues also confirm that her positive attitude, infectious personality and caring spirit make her a pleasure to work with.
  • Lourika also has the Discipline strength which speaks to her enjoyment of routine and structure. Her world is best described by the order she creates around her.
  • The last of Lourika's top 5 strengths is the Futuristic strength. She is inspired by the future and what could be. "It is not easy to find your own identity in this world," she says. "But I believe in being true to yourself. Never let anyone tell you that you cannot accomplish something. If you have the drive to pursue your passion, you can reach for the stars and achieve greatness. I try to teach my two wonderful children this every day."

When asked what she would improve about herself, Lourika quickly responds, "Perfectionism! It is a good trait indeed, but sometimes it can hamper opportunity and create conflict. So, I want to work on that." Lourika will always be the one entering a room, staring at the paintings and coasters to see if they are aligned. Sure, it could be a little vexing, but then again, isn't that the same level of fussiness required to make the perfect braaibroodjie – or be the best version of herself?