January 21-26-31, 2022

12:00–1:00 PM ET

Arnold & Porter Webinar


Please join us for a webinar series on the major antitrust developments from 2021, as presented by members of our full-service antitrust/competition team. You may register for any or all of these complimentary webinars using the "Attend/Register" button in the right column.

Antitrust Mergers/Transactions

January 21, 2022 l 12:00–1:00 PM ET

Major developments in US merger antitrust enforcement, including key initiatives from new agency leadership, DOJ's challenge to American Airlines/JetBlue's "Northeast Alliance" and the FTC's challenges to two vertical mergers.

Antitrust Litigation

January 26, 2022 l 12:00–1:00 PM ET

Major antitrust litigations from 2021, including key developments in big tech and pharma litigations, rulings on important standing and class action issues, and major decisions impacting the sports industry, such as the Supreme Court's unanimous decision in NCAA v. Alston and the Ninth Circuit's decision in City of Oakland v. Oakland Raiders.

Antitrust Criminal Investigations

January 31, 2022 l 12:00–1:00 PM ET

Major criminal investigations from 2021, including groundbreaking DOJ criminal prosecutions in labor market cases involving alleged wage-fixing and nonsolicitation agreements.