Adams & Adams' recently entered the NBCUniversal Global Counsel Meeting and Photo Contest with the above photo and came away with "Best Picture".

The competition challenged all of NBCUniversal's international legal teams to enter a photo into one of four categories ahead of The NBCUniversal Global Counsel Meeting held at the Washington State Convention Center on 22 May 2018 in Seattle.

Leandri Marx, the team's candidate attorney, was responsible for the arrangement of the picture and discussed her inspiration behind the photo:

"With my admission exams coming up and a number of litigation deadlines looming, I thought to myself 'What could be scarier than all of this?'

T-Rex I guess..."

Darren Olivier who heads up the team was naturally humble when accepting the award:

"It was really just another normal day in the office. A lot of people don't realise how exciting it is to work in Sandton and I think that this photo portrays that well.

I would also record that, despite what some folks in the office are saying about Jean Bruneau's expressions, no minions were hurt in the taking in this picture!"

Jean Bruneau was unavailable for comment on these allegations.