Barnard, a prominent full-service commercial law firm, has once again received a prestigious nod by being named in the Top 50 list of law firms in Africa by Africa Legal and International. This accolade further establishes Barnard's impressive reputation as a premier commercial legal services provider on the continent.

Coming off a year where Barnard was lauded as the Most Innovative Law Firm in Africa by (ALA) in 2022, this year has been particularly significant. Not only has the firm marked its silver jubilee, but it was also shortlisted again for the Innovation Award, and Managing Director Douw Breed was a finalist for the Partner of the Year Award in the African Legal Awards.

"As we celebrate 25 years of unwavering dedication to our clients, this recognition reflects our consistent commitment to excellence, innovation, and adaptability in an ever-evolving legal landscape," says Breed.

Barnard's influence isn't limited to the African continent. As the current president of the International Commercial Law Alliance (ICLA), Barnard has overseen the alliance's award-winning rebranding, further fortifying its global stance. This presidency will transition in October, with TIGGES Law Firm of Germany and Poland taking the helm.

Barnard's achievements mirror its service imperatives and core values, which form the backbone of its operations. The firm prioritises the protection of client interests, always striving to understand the multifaceted dimensions of clients' industries. This proactive approach ensures that client interests are safeguarded.

Operational scalability ensures the firm can adapt swiftly to the diverse needs of clients, while shared legal collaboration fosters a deep understanding of client requirements. Barnard's commitment to constant innovation, underscored by its investment in advanced technology, ensures it remains at the forefront of legal services.

At the heart of all these operations are the values that Barnard cherishes. Loyalty, credibility, positivity, drive, and ownership not only underpin their service delivery but also explain why clients entrust Barnard time and again.

As Barnard moves forward, its teams remain deeply committed to the values and service imperatives that have been its compass for the last 25 years. Its journey of providing exceptional service continues, as does its dedication to every client it serves.