Foley Hoag LLP has announced its participation in the establishment of the Abortion Legal Referral Hotline.

The hotline provides free and confidential abortion information to Massachusetts-based health care providers, helpers, and patients obtaining care in Massachusetts, offering legal guidance and resources about their rights to access and provide abortions.

Reproductive Equity Now, along with the Women's Bar Foundation, Massachusetts Attorney General's Office, ACLU of Massachusetts, and five Massachusetts-based law firms developed the hotline in response to the recent fall of Roe v. Wade and the loss of federal abortion protections, which raised new and unprecedented legal questions for the provision of abortion care throughout the country. In addition, anti-abortion activists across the country are looking to interfere with access to care beyond their borders by suing doctors in protected states for providing abortion care to people from out of state.

Foley Hoag is one of the five participating law firms.

"We are proud to be part of the Massachusetts Abortion Legal Referral Hotline," said Foley Hoag Pro Bono Counsel Rebecca Cazabon. "Foley Hoag has a long history of doing pro bono work protecting reproductive rights and promoting access to abortion care, and our attorneys look forward to continuing to provide free legal advice to Massachusetts-based health care providers, helpers, and patients."

"Massachusetts abortion providers offer life-saving, lawful, and loving care each and every day, and must be able to do so without fear of hostile or harmful litigation," said Rebecca Hart Holder, President of Reproductive Equity Now. "That's why we're proud to launch the Abortion Referral Hotline to connect providers and patients with pro bono attorneys who are equipped to answer questions, support providers in hostile claims cases, and uphold Massachusetts' latest protections for those offering and accessing legal care."