Broadcast date: 17 November 2022 — Speakers: Sarah Roques, Stephen Hodsdon

The UPC preparatory committee has recently published a timeline which indicates that the UPC will come into existence on 1 April 2023. From that date, the new UPC will have jurisdiction over not only Unitary Patents, but also over European patents in the relevant member states whether they were granted before that date or not.

This jurisdiction is automatic unless a patent proprietor actively "opts out" existing (and future) European patents. This webinar will explore the reasons why patent proprietors may wish to opt out some or all of their European patents and explain the details of the timing and formalities for filing opt outs.

Topics covered include:

  • Introduction to the UPC and its jurisdiction
  • Factors to consider when deciding whether to opt out of the UPC jurisdiction or not
  • Timetable for filing opt outs
  • Preparations required in advance of filing opt outs
  • The process of filing opt outs
  • Strategies for pending and future applications

This webinar will also be presented in Japanese on 12 December (6.30PM JST), click here to register.