It has been upgraded on 19 recommendations by the Eastern and Southern Africa Anti-Money Laundering Group (ESAAMLG) and Financial Action Task Force (FATF).

This adds to its improved World Bank ranking of 13th in ease-of-doing business and its confirmation of being compliant with the EU good governance principles, giving Mauritius further recognition as a compliant, secure and safe business and investment destination.

The 'Enhanced Follow-up Report & Technical Compliance Re-rating of Mauritius' was published on 21 October 2019 by the ESAAMLG, following the review by the FATF for quality and consistency. The upgrades were endorsed by the Council of Ministers meeting at Eswatini, formerly Swaziland.

The upgrades make it largely compliant or compliant with 35 of the 40 FATF recommendations, including its so-called 'Big Six' recommendations for what are considered key measures to fight money laundering and terrorist financing. The announcement builds upon the 11 upgrades Mauritius received in May this year.

About FATF

An intergovernmental organisation founded in 1989, FATF is a G7 initiative aiming to develop policies to combat money laundering. In 2001, its mandate expanded to include terrorism financing. It monitors progress in implementing the FATF Recommendations through "peer reviews" of member countries.

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