Kuwait has announced the establishment of a new technical committee to review the use of anaesthetics in the state. The announcement was made by the Health Minister in the form of a Ministerial Decision, wherein, patient safety procedures involving the use of anaesthetics during surgery and dental procedures will be reviewed by the committee. This has been initiated following the unfortunate incident of a death of a child at a dental clinic, who was given local anaesthesia as part of the treatment.

The Committee will be led by the Chairman of the Anaesthesia Department's Council, the Head of the Anaesthesia College at Kuwait's Institute for Medical Specialities, the Ministry of Health's Undersecretary for Technical Affairs, the Director of Quality and Approval, the Director of Drugs Registration and Supervision, the Director of Dental Medicine Department and a Senior Legal Specialist. The objectives of the Committee are to review the procedures and the policies associated with local and general anaesthesia in hospitals, clinics and specialist centres, and must submit a report to the Health Minister within a month.

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