The global pandemic of COVID-19 made business to change strategy and planning, and become more flexible to adapt to the new reality diverting to the online. Hence, the pandemic is over and the world is back to normality, the online processes cannot be stopped. We continue mastering new skills and experience. Business took advantage of the technologies to expand offering in B2B and B2C online meetings, interactive content sessions and open panels.

This year, MariMatch 2022 will be a hybrid event where participants will have the chance to have meetings either on-site face-to-face (7 & 8 June 2022), or online through the b2match platform (9 June 2022), or both.

Being a part of the Maltese maritime community Griffiths+Associate accept the market rules and move with the time actively participating in the online maritime events, providing  company registration in Malta for the ship owning. Participation in the virtual events gives us an opportunity to improve the experience, knowledge and expertise – the important elements, which describe the quality of services we provide on the maritime market. The new contacts we make following the Virtual Events help us to obtain a stronger position for each side in respective markets, proceed further in elaborating matters, and conclude cooperative agreements.

Meet with us during the MariMatch at Posidonia 2022 on 9 – 12 June and expand your business in Malta!

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