You've planned your dream trip to Ghana, packed your bags, and are excited to embark on a new adventure. However, as you arrive at the airport, you're suddenly hit with a frustrating and unexpected roadblock: the airline denied you boarding to Ghana, even though you possess a valid passport. How could this happen?

This frustrating situation can happen to anyone, often leading to confusion and stress at the beginning of your journey.

Understanding these issues can help avoid such hassles and ensure a smoother travel experience.

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Possess a valid visa before boarding

One of the common issues foreign travellers face is to show up at the airport with only their passports and attempt to board their flight to Ghana. Unfortunately, they travel all the way to the airport only to realize that they actually need a visa to be able to travel.


Emergency Entry Visa to Ghana

Generally, the travellers cannot be faulted because they are aware that Ghana has a visa-on-arrival policy. Therefore, they can hop onto the plane and apply for a visa when they arrive at the airport in Accra.

Yes, a visa on arrival should allow a traveller to board a flight and apply for a visa on arrival in Ghana. While this is true, most airlines will not permit a visa national to Ghana to board their flight without proof of a valid entry visa or a pre-approved visa on arrival. In addition, a visa on arrival at the airport is not automatic. It lies in the discretion of the immigration officer to determine whether or not a traveller is eligible for admission into Ghana. For this reason, the airlines, for an abundance of caution against carrier liability, have policies in place to only take passengers who are in possession of a valid entry visa or a valid pre-approved visa on arrival.

How can a visa on arrival solve this problem?

If you are short on time for your travel plans, and the time will not allow you to apply for a regular entry visa at a Ghana mission in your home country or the nearest Ghana Embassy or consulate, then your best bet is to apply for a visa on arrival.

Flexibility in travel plans: If you have changed your travel plans, obtaining a visa on arrival can help you avoid boarding denial and ensure that your travel plans are accommodated.

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If an airline denies you boarding to Ghana, this can be a frustrating experience. However, addressing the pain points mentioned above related to the Ghana Visa on Arrival or Emergency Entry Visa to Ghana can significantly reduce the chances of encountering such issues. Being well-prepared and informed is the key to a smoother and stress-free travel experience.

So, before you embark on your journey to Ghana, check with Acheampong Associate to ensure this is clear.

Safe travels!

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.