Last month, the EPA proposed new updates to the Renewable Fuel Standards Program. The Energy Law Blog breaks down these proposed regulations:

  • Biofuel processing: The proposal would save biofuel producers money by making processing at multiple facilities easier.
  • High ethanol fuel blend: The Energy Law Blog's authors explain, "Flex fuel vehicles can operate on a gasoline-ethanol mixture with an ethanol percentage as high as 83 percent. In an effort to make these high-ethanol fuels more readily available, the updated regulation clarifies the standards that E16-83 fuel blends—now known as 'ethanol flex fuel' —must meet."
  • New feedstock approval: To encourage the use of cellulosic biofuels, the EPA has approved the use of additional feedstock, including poplar and willow trees. The proposal would also approve the use of petroleum and cellulosic feedstock to make cellulosic diesel. 

The commenting period for these proposals ends January 17, 2017.

To read more, see the full post from The Energy Law Blog.

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