Today's guest, David Wilkins, is one of the foremost thinkers on the legal profession today. Though he's had many significant roles and accomplishments in the legal field, his resume doesn't capture his inspirational story or the enormity of his contributions to the profession. Nor does it captures his intellect, quick wit, warm personality, or joyful presence. He's without a doubt the most recognizable voice in the legal industry today.

Listen in to our conversation to hear about:

  • David's journey from the South Side of Chicago as the son and grandson of Black lawyers, to his clerkship with Thurgood Marshall, and eventual decision to enter teaching at Harvard.
  • How he thinks lawyers can help solve the huge problems facing humanity, against a backdrop of looming generational change, digitization, and technology.
  • Why he thinks the legal profession needs a more sophisticated focus on the care and development of our people in the same way as many other industries are doing.

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