While we all wait for the new ETS (Emergency Temporary Standard) from OSHA related to COVID vaccines, there are still things we need to discuss about being ready for an OSHA inspection.  Do you have a plan in place when an OSHA inspector shows up at your business door?

Here are a few suggestions and things you might consider having in place should OSHA show up.

1.   Who is going to interact with OSHA? 

2.   Is that same person going to coordinate the OSHA investigation and inspection? 

3.  Should that person be your safety director?  

4.   Would having your OSHA attorney involved in the inspection be beneficial? 

5.   What if that person is on vacation or out of the office?  

6.  Do you have a back-up?

7.   Where are the documents OSHA will likely want to review located?  

8.   Can you easily access your OSHA logs, your safety program, your training materials, your Safety Data Sheets?

These are simply a few of the items that you should think about and plan for in order to be better prepared for an OSHA inspection.  There are a number of other items that should be considered in order to properly prepare for an OSHA inspection.


The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.