Departing from the usual subjects discussed in this space, I wanted in the spirit of the season to share with our readers an example of lawyers giving back to their larger community.  Three years ago, with the firm's encouragement, I started at the site of the Veterans Administration hospital and campus in Lyons, New Jersey, a first-of-its-kind legal clinic.  With colleagues from Fox Rothschild, we have ever since set up shop there every other month in order to meet with any veteran with a legal problem or need.  In all types of cases — such as landlord-tenant disputes and child support and custody cases — we have made numerous court appearances, filed dozens of motions, and assisted our clients in navigating legal mazes.  Sometimes all that was needed was to ferret out information to allow someone to regain driving privileges, or to expunge an old conviction in order to create new employment opportunities.

All in all, we have been immensely rewarded by this opportunity to provide a service to those who have risked all for our country, only to find that their efforts are often inadequately appreciated at home.  We at Fox are there to say "thank you" to our honored veterans.  You may read about our efforts here.

(Alain Leibman, Esq., the author of this entry and a co-editor of this blog, is a partner with Fox Rothschild LLP, based in our Princeton, NJ office.  A former decorated federal prosecutor, he practices both criminal defense and commercial litigation in federal and state courts.)

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