In prior posts, I've talked about the pace of change accelerating in business, and law firms, like other companies, must be forward-looking to be relevant in the future. For a large law firm Womble Carlyle is very nimble in its use of technology. Case in point is the firm's recently announced partnership with Ross Intelligence – a San Francisco-based company that has brought artificial intelligence (A.I.) to the world of legal research.

The market-leading ROSS Intelligence system is in effect an A.I. lawyer that allows attorney users to ask direct questions and receive accurate answers in seconds.

According to Womble Carlyle Vice Chair Ellen Gregg in the partnership announcement, "Womble Carlyle is always looking to put our clients one step ahead with the best information and analysis available. ROSS Intelligence's technology represents a bright future where talented lawyers are able to leverage artificial intelligence to analyze legal issues and make connections that would otherwise be invisible."

Although automated legal research systems like Lexis/Nexis and Westlaw have been around for years, it's clear that there is a sea change coming to the world of legal research with the advent of A.I. and other innovative search tools that take advantage of the newest technologies. Womble Carlyle's bankruptcy group will be the first practice to implement the A.I. platform, with other practices to follow.

As we reported in August, Womble Carlyle created an Innovation Board earlier this year. This team of attorneys and staff is charged with stimulating new thinking and new ideas to better serve our clients. The ROSS Intelligence partnership is one of several innovative initiatives now underway at the firm. A.I. at law firms – it certainly is a changing world.

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