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Previous answers:

Which elusive piece of technology was the most popular Christmas gift in 2006?

The Nintendo Wii was the most popular Christmas gift in 2006. The popular family console was launched in December of the same year and was Nintendo’s seventh generation of games console. Nintendo sold 105,000 in it’s opening weekend alone.

Santa makes a list of boys and girls based on whether they’ve been naughty or nice. What new law is Santa potentially breaching?

This was quite a popular joke running on social media around the GDPR deadline. Santa could be in breach of article 4 of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 if he hasn’t taken appropriate steps to secure his data – he should consult a solicitor to ensure he’s within GDPR law.

In what year did Charles Dickens sue for copyright infringement of his novel ‘A Christmas Carol?

The answer is 1844. Several weeks after ‘A Christmas Carol’ was published, a book called ‘A Christmas Ghost Story’ was released by Lee & Haddock. Charles Dickens filed an interim injunction against the book, which was upheld by the courts due to the similarities between the plot and the characters. Lee & Haddock and Dickens settled before going to trial over the copyright infringement.

To maintain the secrecy of the Christmas workshop preparations, what agreements do Santa’s little helpers most likely sign?

The answer is a non-disclosure agreement (often known as a confidentiality agreement). These allow companies to protect their IP and trade secrets whilst collaborating with other companies and preventing their employees from revealing confidential information.

In some European countries, by law employers must give their employees a Christmas bonus of one month’s salary. True or false?

The answer is true!

Countries such as Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, and Italy have bonuses, typically called ‘13th month’ bonuses, which are required by national or industry wide agreements.

Santa Claus, the much loved Christmas figure, has been trademarked by Coca-Cola. True or False?

Potentially a trick question but despite having featured in adverts for Coca-Cola since 1930, ‘Santa Claus’ has not been registered as a trade mark by Coca-Cola. There is a common misconception that Coca-Cola have some IP protection over Santa Claus perhaps due to this trade mark filed in 2002, in which they successfully registered an illustration under the Coca-Cola brand name.

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