Geopolcast: Season 1 - Episode 2

An informative podcast series that explores geopolitics and its impact.

The more educated citizens and companies have become about Cyber threats, the more advanced the threats have become. Today, the threats have progressed from traditional scam emails to the ever-increasing presence of ransomware attacks, testing the resilience of larger organisations. Ransomware is now a prime example of business development in the criminal world, mostly innovation around gaining money from people.

With this, underwriters are increasing the pressure to ensure companies are protecting themselves; not only their defence, but also their resilience and recovery when targeted. In some instances, businesses are able to convert back to offline processing and operations when under threat, however in some industries and sectors that's not possible. This is a continuous problem requiring the upmost diligence, not only affecting businesses but society as a whole.

In this episode of Geopolcast, Elisabeth Braw, senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, discusses the rising risks of cyber threats with Staffan Truve, CTO of Recorded Future, and Tom Srail, WTW's Executive Vice President for Cyber Risk.

"We saw a lot of large organisations - well defended companies - fall victim because the resilience wasn't there"

Tom Srail | Executive Vice President, Cyber Risk



Elisabeth Braw
Resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI)

Elisabeth is a Geopolitics expert who has been consulting with the WTW Research Network since 2019, specifically exploring grayzone aggression and looking at its implications for risk managers. This work forms part of a wider research programme on geopolitical risk, including the importance of China and security impacts of climate change.

Elisabeth is a resident fellow at AEI, where she focuses on defense against emerging national security challenges, such as hybrid and grayzone threats. Concurrently, she is a columnist with Foreign Policy, where she writes on national security and the globalized economy, and is a member of the National Preparedness Commission (UK).

Tom Srail
Executive Vice President, Cyber Risk

Tom Srail is Executive Vice President in charge of Cyber Risk. He is also a member of the US Department of Treasury's Advisory Committee on Risk Sharing Mechanisms.

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Staffan Truve
CTO of Recorded Future, a threat intelligence company whose mission statement is to "Empower our clients with elite intelligence to disrupt adversaries". It does so by constantly scanning the internet for threats, and those threats range from cyber attacks to AI-aided malign influence campaigns.

Staffan has a PhD in computer science and co-founded Recorded Future in 2009. He's known as a leading expert on both cyber threats and AI.

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