It is great to see, and to be able to report on, the many advancements in the agritech space. One of these relates to methane use on farms. Methane emissions are an unavoidable fact of life on a farm, but by capturing that methane, it can be reutilised as a fuel and the subsequent emissions from methane powered vehicles and equipment, such as tractors and generators, are vastly less damaging to the environment than the original methane. Companies such as Bennamann provide solutions of this kind.

A number of agricultural equipment manufacturers now have methane powered tractors to utilised such captured methane, and I was pleased to read about the news from New Holland that they have extended their tractor range in this space. Thank you to iAgrE and iVT International for bringing this news to my attention.

Their latest methane powered tractor is not only combatting the troublesome methane emissions on farms by allowing methane to be utilised as a fuel, which in turn also reduces a farm's dependency on diesel. It is also fitted with their 24×24 Dynamic Command transmission system. This multi-patented system allows shifting between eight gears under load, without having to change ranges. This enables a user to avoid changing ranges during on-field operations or on the road, which results in improved productivity and efficiencies, less disruption to traffic, and lower emissions.

Being forward thinking and securing protection for your inventions will get us ever closer to solving the environmental problems around us. 

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