Congratulations to AGCO Power for looking to the future when designing their new engines for their impressive range of tractors. Being involved in patenting the fuel cell technologies that should bring us into the hydrogen fuel future, and being well aware of the potential for methane capture on farms, and the benefits of repurposing that methane as fuel, rather than a far more contaminating atmospheric emission, I am excited to see that the engine manufacturers across a diverse range of sectors, including tractors and other agricultural vehicles, are already making engines ready for that next step. #agritech #hydrogen #biofuel

We look forward to seeing more from AGCO Power, and others in the agricultural sector, in the near future. In particular, we need a greater commercialisation of hydrogen and methane as fuels, all as part of the solution for combatting climate change. 

Hydrogen and gas require an engine that is designed from ground-up to be compatible with them. What is groundbreaking about the new CORE engine family is that by further developing the engines they will be compatible with those fuels.

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