The VAT rate of the foodstuffs has been decreased from 8% to 1% with the Presidential decision published in the Official Gazette numbered 31749 and dated 13.02.2022.

The authorities have made amendments to the previously published VAT lists (20.12.2007 dated and 26742 numbered Official Gazette.) And the foodstuff list located under the VAT rate list of 8% has been transferred to the VAT rate list of 1%.

This discount would be applicable as of 14.02.2022.

Also, the VAT rate of 8% would still be applicable for the foodstuff, which is also subject to Special Consumption Tax (For example, juices, soda, carbonated drinks.)

In addition, lines 1, 3, 4, and 6, which are located under the VAT list (I) have been abolished. Accordingly, the authorities removed the VAT differences on wholesale and retail.

You can reach the related Presidential Decision via the link (In Turkish.)

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