Following to the omnibus bill (the "Bill") published on the Official Gazette dated March 26, 2020, which allowed the suspension of all legal deadlines until April 30, 2020, a new Bill extending this duration of the suspension has been published on the Official Gazette on April 30, 2020.

According to this new Bill, all deadlines related to creation, use or termination of a right, including but not limited to:

  • to institute an action, to file for execution proceedings, to submit a complaint, an objection, a warning, or a notification,
  • for the expiration of the statute of limitations or lapse of time,
  • for the compulsory administrative applications

and as well as all deadlines deriving from the Civil Procedural Law, Administrative Procedural Law and the Criminal Procedural Law are all retroactively suspended as of (including) March 13, 2020 until (including) June 15, 2020.

Furthermore, the deadlines deriving from the Bankruptcy and Enforcement Law or determined by the judges or execution officers to this aspect, as well as the deadlines for the institution of execution proceedings or for the on-going execution and bankruptcy proceedings, except for the ones related to alimony claims, are all retroactively suspended as of (including) March 22, 2020 until (including) June 15, 2020.

What are the exceptions?

The exceptions remained the same as determined by the previous Omnibus Bill dated March 26, 2020. As such, the following deadlines shall not be affected by the Bill:

  • deadlines for the expiration of statute of limitations on crimes, offenses, administrative sanctions or detention,
  • deadlines for the preventive measure determined by the Criminal Proceedings Law,
  • deadlines for the preliminary injunctions determined by the Civil Proceedings Law

Will be there any further suspensions?

The new Bill does not indicate or imply any further suspensions. In fact, it is stated in the decision that if the spread risk of the pandemic disappears before 15 June, this date will be re-evaluated.

Originally published 7 May 2020

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