In September 2016, Bulgarian officials at the Customs Office in Plovdiv, central Bulgaria, seized thousands of counterfeit toys, work gloves and watches while inspecting three trucks with Iranian license plates.

In one truck, among other original toys, the officials found and seized 1,450 toys believed to infringe the Frozen®, Despicable Me® and Angry Birds® trademarks.

In the second truck, 58,000 pairs of work gloves believed to infringe the Peugeot® trademark were found, mixed with other goods.

In the third truck, officials found and seized 15,430 wristwatches believed to infringe various trademarks including Patek Philippe®, Rolex®, Ulysse Nardin®, Audemars Piguet®, Daniel Wellington®, Breitling® and Franck Muller®.

All the goods originated in China and were intended for Bulgarian companies from Plovdiv.

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