GCC Trade Mark Law – Are increased official fees inevitable?

In this edition, we take another look at the GCC Trade Mark Law, and the changes that are being introduced across the region. With notable increases in official fees following the implementation of the GCC Trade Mark Law in Kuwait and Bahrain, we ask the question of whether the GCC Trade Mark Law is triggering an automatic increase in official fees and, if so, why.

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Also, our intellectual property team in the UK have taken a look at the impact of Brexit on intellectual property rights owners with an interest in the UK / EU.

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Market updates and insights

This edition's market updates and insights section brings news of developments across the MENA region, in particular in Kuwait which has issued a new Patent Law and a new Copyright Law, following its recent introduction of a new Trade Mark Law (reported in the February edition of our newsletter).

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Clyde & Co in action

We have plenty of news from Clyde & Co to report in this edition of our newsletter, including:

  • the announcement of a new Clyde IP Services office in Kuwait, which completes our full coverage across all GCC countries;
  • our score of 10 out of 10 in the UAE as the results of the UAE directory rankings and listings are announced for 2016.

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MENA Intellecual Property Newsletter: August 2016

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