Representatives from all 193 WIPO Member States participated in the July 6-14 WIPO Assemblies General Assembly to discuss the direction of the global intellectual property landscape and WIPO's efforts in advancing economic, social, and cultural development across nations. Here are some significant talks from the Middle East region:


The UAE changed its laws and joined three international agreements, including the Budapest Treaty1, Strasbourg Agreement2, and Madrid International Trademark System3.4

The UAE's strength in innovation and IP is obvious from its rankings on global lists like the Global Innovation Index.56

Moreover, the UAE's plans in the 'We the UAE 2031' vision7 push for more IP growth and innovation to become a top destination for global talent by focusing on IP and innovation.

Saudi Arabia

1. SAIP Signs a Work Plan with the National Intellectual Property Administration of the Republic of China8: This will enable the parties, to develop a timely and practical plan that contributes to the implementation of activities between the two offices.

2. SAIP signs Executive program with Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO)9: The signing of the Executive Program with KIPO will aid in promoting IP and Innovation material in diverse and specific media.

3. The activation of the Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) by SAIP with the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS).10 This will allow patent applicants to speed up the examination process in one country based on a positive result in the other country, and vice versa. The goal of the program is to expedite patent examinations in both countries with fewer steps, encouraging investments between them.

4. The SAIP also signed a work plan with European Patent Office which again promises to improvise the system between the countries.1112


An MOU between TURKPATENT and WIPO was signed to facilitate the exchange of solutions for industrial property disputes.13 The Turkish delegation engaged in discussions with 14 countries and organizations and established cooperative agreements with the national IP offices of the US14, Europe15, etc. They also participated in the International Geographical Indications Exhibition.16


IPO Pakistan engaged in discussions with WIPO1718 and INTA1920 to explore possibilities of mutual collaboration and cooperation between Pakistan and the two organizations.


GCC countries are dedicated to intellectual property and innovation, leading to major achievements both locally and globally, including appointing SAIP for international patent evaluations under the Patent Cooperation Treaty.

Enhancing intellectual property regulations and providing training in this area to meet worldwide standards to contribute to creating a more effective global intellectual property system.2122



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