Land use rights are regulated primarily by the Land Code, the Civil Code and the Law on Real Property Registration.

Procedure on obtaining the land use right may vary depending on the category and purpose of the land.

What are the categories of the land in Kazakhstan?
  • Agricultural lands
  • Residential lands (cities, towns, rural settlements)
  • Lands for industry, transport, communications, for the needs for space activities, defense, national security and other non-agricultural purposes
  • Lands for nature reserves, sanatory lands, lands of recreational and historical-cultural designation
  • Forestry fund lands
  • Water fund lands
  • Reserve lands

State owned land
  • right to a short-term (up to 5 years) land use
  • right to a long-term (from 5 to 49 years) land use

Privately owned land can be obtained by means of
  • a lease agreement with the owner
  • a sale-purchase agreement with the owner

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