As part of a partnership with law firm Hempsons, insurance risk and commercial law firm BLM will provide legal support to NHS Resolution, following a formal panel review which concluded this month.

Hempsons has been reappointed by NHS Resolution to its legal services panels for the next three to four years, for "Lot 1" clinical/non-clinical negligence litigation, and on "Lot 2", covering a full range of healthcare legal services. The firm has chosen to work with BLM to deliver non-clinical negligence litigation work as part of the panel arrangement. Non-clinical covers employers' liability, public/products liability, professional indemnity, defamation, property damage/loss and other claims.

BLM, Hempsons and nine other firms will advise NHS Resolution and their NHS member trusts, GP practices and independent sector providers on the defence and management of their claims portfolio as well as in support of healthcare arrangements put in place to respond to coronavirus nationwide.

Paula Jefferson, NHS Resolution client relationship partner at BLM, said: "Our appointment, in partnership with Hempsons, provides us with a great opportunity to support the team at NHS Resolution on all non-clinical negligence litigation. We are looking forward to supporting member trusts and other providers in the healthcare sector and are pleased that our strength in non-clinical litigation has been recognised by both NHSR and Hempsons."