BCL Solicitors LLP has once again been ranked as a top tier firm with leading individuals in our fields by Chambers & Partners in the 2022 edition of Chambers UK – a Client's Guide to the UK Legal Profession. This is one of the leading independent directories of UK legal services, identifying the leading firms and lawyers in the UK.

BCL has been ranked as a top tier / leading firm in the following practice areas:

  • Financial Crime: Individuals (London)
  • Financial Crime: Corporates (London)
  • Crime (London)
  • Crime: Extradition (London)
  • Health & Safety (UK-wide)
  • POCA Work & Asset Forfeiture (UK-wide)
  • Tax: Contentious: Fraud (UK-wide)

Chambers UK's rankings and editorial for each practice area are set out below.

Financial Crime: Individuals

BCL is ranked as a top tier firm in Financial Crime: Individuals. We have eight partners ranked in this practice area, including three top-ranked and one associate to watch. Those ranked are as follows:

  • Ian Burton – Senior Statesperson
  • Harry Travers – Band 1
  • Richard Sallybanks – Band 1
  • Jane Glass – Band 2
  • Michael Drury – Band 3
  • Shula de Jersey – Band 3
  • Shaul Brazil – Band 4
  • Julian Hayes – Band 4
  • Hannah Raphael – Associates to watch

In relation to the firm's position, Chambers UK states:

What the team is known for:
A premier outfit with an excellent reputation for its representation of individuals including company directors, officers and employees. Boutique firm offering a large team with extensive experience in handling high-profile SFO investigations. Frequently advises on complex commercial fraud, regulatory enforcement and money laundering cases. Adept at dealing with extradition matters related to financial crime investigations.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients):
One source states: "When you need a trusted adviser who is going to deal with things reasonably and calmly – this is where you go."
A client adds: "They did a phenomenal job."

In relation to the ranked partners, Chambers UK states:

Ian Burton is a seasoned financial crime practitioner representing individuals in investigations and proceedings into fraud, money laundering and corruption. He advises clients on multi-jurisdictional investigations, including international sanctions and extradition matters. "He has an unrivalled depth of experience."

Jane Glass advises clients on allegations of bribery, fraud and money laundering, with significant experience in FCA and SFO investigations.
"She is incredibly client-focused, and nothing gets past her."

Harry Travers has vast experience representing clients in complex investigations brought by the CPS and SFO into alleged bribery, false accounting and corruption.
"He really lives and breathes his clients' cases." "He is very hands-on, responsive, and always has time for you."

Shula de Jersey often advises individuals on cross-border investigations into allegations of complex fraud, bribery and corruption.
"She is incredible, and phenomenal with clients."

Richard Sallybanks represents clients in multi-jurisdictional investigations into allegations of fraud, corruption and money laundering, attracting particular attention for his work on high-profile SFO investigations. "He is a first-class solicitor: client-friendly and tactically astute."

Michael Drury demonstrates particular strength advising clients on investigations into bribery and corruption by the SFO.
"He is a whip-smart and savvy lawyer who really knows his stuff."

Shaul Brazil represents clients in cross-border investigations into corrupt payments, fraud and money laundering.
"He is very intelligent, has boundless energy and is very experienced."

Julian Hayes frequently supports senior employees during multinational investigations into fraud, money laundering and bribery.
"He is pragmatic and client-friendly." "He is a brilliant lawyer."

Hannah Raphael acts for clients in a range of investigations brought by the SFO and FCA, including those involving allegations of money laundering and fraud.
"She is extremely committed to her work and goes the extra mile for her clients."

Financial Crime: Corporates

BCL is ranked as a leading firm for this practice area.

In relation to the firm, Chambers UK states:

Well-established practice that provides deep expertise in the business crime area. Offers tailored specialist advice to corporates affected by search warrants, allegations of money laundering and SFO investigations. Well versed in matters involving bribery and corruption. Draws corporate clients from a wide range of sectors, including life sciences, construction and retail.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients):
One client states: "The guidance is consistently practical, actionable, timely and on point."
Another source says: "They are highly focused on what the client needs and give practical advice."


BCL is top-ranked for this practice area with two partners and an associate appearing in the rankings as follows:

  • Ellen Peart – Band 1
  • Mark Haslam – Band 2
  • David Hardstaff – Associates to watch

In relation to the firm, Chambers UK states:

What the team is known for:
Outstanding firm specialising in the defence of high-profile private clients. Strong bench of top-flight individuals experienced in handling highly complex cases, including those involving notable personalities from the sports and entertainment worlds. Also offers expert representation to professionals in the medical, business and political spheres. Advice covers a wide range of serious and general criminal charges, including sexual offences, drug trafficking and violent crimes.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients):
A source says: "The team is completely on top of the detail and the lawyers all have a really good relationship with each other – they communicate brilliantly and each one of them brings different skills to the table."

"Their level of client care when an individual is going through one of the most stressful experiences of their life is unsurpassed."," saying that it can provide a "comprehensive service for serious criminal matters."

"They are the best in the business," says another source, adding: "They get results and offer a lot of hands-on partner attention – you know you are being looked after by the best minds at the firm."

In relation to the ranked partners, Chambers UK states:

Ellen Peart is a criminal defence specialist, with particular expertise in handling serious sexual offence cases. She regularly assists prominent individuals including politicians, bankers and legal professionals.
"Ellen is incredibly thorough, wonderful with clients and has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the minutiae of the case." "Ellen is amazing – she understands her clients' wants and needs and can help them not just in respect of their case but also with their broader issues. She gets incredible results."

Mark Haslam is a leading criminal defence practitioner who regularly represents well-known sports professionals along with other prominent individuals. His deep expertise in criminal law extends from driving offences to the most serious allegations of violence and sexual assault.
"He gives clients an efficient, excellent service, with no fuss, no stress and no drama. He cuts through the nonsense, has laser-sharp focus and is astonishingly good at getting good results."

David Hardstaff is an associate who regularly assists on complex criminal cases, with experience in representing clients from the police station all the way up to the Court of Appeal.
"He is hugely knowledgeable, very personable, practical and responsive."

Crime: Extradition

BCL is ranked as a leading firm for this practice area with two partners appearing in the rankings as follows:

  • Michael Drury – Band 3
  • Shaul Brazil – Band 3

In relation to the firm, Chambers UK states:

What the team is known for:
Highly experienced team noted for its representation of high-profile individuals in complex cases. Specialist expertise in politically sensitive matters, frequently acting on proceedings involving multiple jurisdictions, asset freezing and Interpol Red Notices. Particularly active representing high net worth individuals and public figures in extradition requests from Russia and Eastern Europe. Considerable experience representing clients caught up in complex investigations into alleged corruption and fraud.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients):
"The lawyers are genuinely all excellent," says a source, adding: "They are particularly good at the interface between very high-profile criminal cases and extradition."

In relation to our individuals, Chambers UK states:

Michael Drury's extradition expertise extends across multiple jurisdictions including those in Africa, South America and Eastern Europe. He has notable experience defending clients facing charges of corruption, fraud and other serious crimes, particularly in cases where such charges may be politically motivated.
"In addition to having an acute legal mind, Michael Drury is a brilliant strategist. He is always several steps ahead and looks at an issue from every angle possible to achieve the best possible outcome for his clients." "He is vastly experienced, straight-talking and practical – clients trust him to get them through difficult territory."

Shaul Brazil frequently represents high-profile individuals facing extradition in relation to serious criminal charges, including fraud, money laundering and drugs trafficking.
"An energetic and sharp-minded practitioner who is totally focused on the case." "He is extremely good and fights cases extremely hard – you couldn't really hope for a more committed defence solicitor if you were in trouble."

POCA Work & Asset Forfeiture

BCL is ranked as a top-tier firm with three partners appearing in the rankings as follows:

  • Richard Sallybanks – Band 1
  • John Binns – Band 2
  • Shaul Brazil – Band 3

In relation to the firm, Chambers UK states:

What the team is known for:
Market-leading defence practice that handles the full spectrum of POCA and asset forfeiture matters. Frequently assists high-profile individuals and corporate clients with anti-money laundering compliance as well as representing them in investigations and pre- and post-conviction litigation. Strong expertise in regard to unexplained wealth orders and account freezing orders. The POCA practice benefits from the firm's complementary specialisms in general crime, financial crime and tax fraud.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients):
Sources note: "The firm is very reliable in handling the delicate issues of a case and has a great reputation with UK authorities such as the SFO."

"The team are highly focused on what the client needs and give practical advice."

"BCL is an excellent firm in its field of expertise. The team is well coordinated and resources are efficiently allocated."

In relation to the ranked partners, Chambers UK states:

Richard Sallybanks is highlighted for the depth of his POCA experience and frequently acts on complex multi-jurisdictional matters relating to financial crime.
"Richard is incredibly thorough and has his clients' interests at heart." "Richard is an experienced senior lawyer with very good understanding of a case."

Shaul Brazil represents both individuals and companies on POCA matters relating to financial crime. He undertakes a range of work but stands out for his advice on money laundering.
"Shaul is extremely committed to the client's cause. He never gives up and always tries to find the best solution to any problem." "Shaul is very smart, creative, and never loses sight of the bigger picture."

John Binns is highly experienced in POCA, with notable expertise on cross-border matters. He has a wide-ranging practice advising on money laundering and UWOs.
"John knows the law inside out and sees the bigger picture. He works on high-end, complicated, multinational matters." "John is very quick to respond to the client regardless of the time of day."

Tax: Contentious: Fraud

BCL is ranked as a top-tier firm with two partners and an associate appearing in the rankings as follows:

  • Harry Travers – Band 1
  • John Binns – Band 2
  • Greg Mailer – Associate to watch

In relation to the firm, Chambers UK states:

What the team is known for:
Pre-eminent business crime practice well known for defending clients against significant tax fraud allegations. Possesses an outstanding track record of defending clients facing HMRC investigations. Represents senior executives in the banking and asset management industries.

In relation to the ranked partners, Chambers UK states:

Harry Travers has extensive experience representing high net worth individuals and senior executives facing high-stakes tax fraud investigations. He also guides clients through Code of Practice 9 investigations and allegations of serious tax evasion.
"I respect him hugely, both in terms of his intellect and his pragmatism."

John Binns frequently advises clients in relation to tax fraud and tax evasion cases. He is recognised as a highly skilled practitioner who is able to assist with sensitive and complex matters.
"His client-handling skills are incredible."

Greg Mailer represents clients in civil and criminal fraud investigations. He is notable for his work on Code of Practice 9 cases.
"He is very hard-working and clever."

Health & Safety

BCL is ranked as a leading firm for this practice area with one partner and an associate appearing in the rankings as follows:

  • Richard Reichman – Up and Coming
  • Tom McNeill – Associate to watch

What the team is known for:

Respected practice that regularly provides counsel to corporates and directors. Particularly adept at handling matters for clients in the utilities, construction and entertainment sectors. Experienced at advising clients on corporate manslaughter cases, fire safety issues and environmental protection issues. Defends clients in HSE prosecutions and criminal investigations.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients):
Commentators state: "They are a good outfit for health and safety and they bring good knowledge of regulatory matters, but they also have the big-hitting power of white-collar firms."

"They're fantastic," states a client. "They are open, fair, honest and solutions-driven. They listen and they support."

In relation to the ranked partners, Chambers UK states:

Richard Reichman is regularly called upon to advise clients within the retail and food and beverage sectors. He represents both corporate organisations and private individuals in investigations by local authorities and other regulatory bodies.
"Richard Reichman has phenomenal knowledge of cases and he is a superb team player with superb client care skills. He is the complete package." "He is fantastic: he's thorough, well prepared and really attentive to the client's needs."

Tom McNeill focuses his practice on defending clients in regulatory investigations and prosecutions following fatal accidents. He regularly provides counsel on ORR, HSE and British Transport Police investigations.
"He has phenomenal research abilities and he knows the law extremely well. He is excellent with clients and has very good judgement as well." "He is excellent. He has great attention to detail and is very hard-working and tenacious."

If you wish to read the full BCL Solicitors' profile please visit the Chambers and Partners website here.