On August 29, 2019, the website of China Government Procurement (www.ccgp.gov.cn) released the announcement that DeHeng won the bid to be the legal advisor of China International Development Cooperation Agency regarding its foreign affairs from 2019 to 2020.

Directly under the State Council, China International Development Cooperation Agency is set up to bring into full play the role of foreign aid as a major means of great power diplomacy, strengthen strategic planning and overall coordination of foreign aid, promote unified management of foreign aid work, reform and optimize foreign aid methods, better serve the general purpose of state diplomacy, and contribute to pursuing the "Belt and Road" Initiative. China International Development Cooperation Agency is responsible for formulating foreign aid strategic guidelines, plans and policies; coordinating major foreign aid issues and making recommendations; promoting foreign aid reform; preparing foreign aid programs and plans; determining the foreign aid projects; and monitoring and evaluating the implementation of those projects.

Tianxingjian International Tendering (Beijing) Co., Ltd. was commissioned by China International Development Cooperation Agency to organize the bidding work. The tendering company, through competitive negotiation, conducted comprehensive evaluation upon the bidding legal service providers regarding their overall strengths, service teams, solutions, and qualifications of the resident lawyers.

DeHeng has established a project team with the Partner Jia Hui as the project leader, and primary support from the Partner Tian Xianjin, Lawyers Zhao Jun and Ju Guang, to provide legal services for China International Development Cooperation Agency regarding foreign affairs, including legal consulting services about aided countries, international organizations, intergovernmental agreement review, international negotiations, and other issues.

The winning of the bid demonstrates DeHeng's competence as a professional legal service provider related to foreign affairs. In the future, DeHeng will be committed to providing professional, efficient and high-quality legal services for China's "Belt and Road" construction as well as foreign aids.