On January 20, 2020, Sinopharm Junbai (Shandong) Equity Investment Fund Partnership (Limited Partnership), the first RMB fund initiated by Sinopharm Junbai (Tianjin) Investment, completed the filing of private equity fund products with Asset Management Association of China ("Association"). It will mainly invest in biomedicine, medical devices and other sub-industries related to comprehensive health services. China's medical and health care industry has tremendous investment potential. In terms of demand, China's 1.3 billion aging population and demand for consumption upgrade have driven up the demand for health-related products and services; in terms of supply, the distribution of medical resources is uneven. At the policy level, following the "Healthy China" strategy, a series of specific measures have been announced to promote the reform of medical industry. Overall, the Chinese medical and health care industry is developing rapidly, and the investment in the medical and health industry continues its upward trend, and there are a large number of appealing investment opportunities.

During the registration process of  Sinopharm Junbai as a private equity fund manager, DeHeng lawyers offered professional opinions on the equity structure, management system and executive composition, reviewed its qualifications as a private equity fund manager, and issued legal opinions to the Association, thus assisting the completion of the registration process. For the incorporation and filing of the private equity fund, DeHeng lawyers provided effective and professional assistance in income distribution, capital contribution adjustment mechanism and preparation of filing materials, completing the process within a short period of time.

As the legal counsel, DeHeng team was led by partners Jia Hui and Mou Hongbao, with primary support from lawyers Wang Ziheng, Wang Miao and Gao Ya. They won praises from the client for their professional, high-quality and efficient whole-process legal services. In the current severe situation influenced by COVID-19 outbreak, it also highlights the importance of biomedicine investment.