Holding Redlich was delighted to host the first IAPP Sydney KnowledgeNet on 13 August 2019, which was well attended despite the lockdown of the city in the late afternoon.

After a brief introduction by IAPP Region Manager - ANZ, Jim Campbell about IAPP in the region in 2019 and beyond, Holding Redlich General Counsel Lyn Nicholson moderated a fabulous panel that considered the issues of Privacy by Design and service delivery in the public sector.

Our panellists were:

  • Emerging Technology and Privacy Specialist, Tim de Sousa
  • icare Head of Privacy, Nikki Gibbs-Steele
  • State Insurance Regulatory Authority Manager for Ministerial, Privacy and Information Access, Lilli Tzinberg.

Tim was able to share some of his experiences in projects involving Privacy by Design and design thinking issues he experienced while working in a multifunctional team at the NSW Government's Policy Lab earlier this year.

Lilli and Nikki were able to share examples of the way in which government agencies are able to proceed with more client centric services and be responsive to privacy by building it into project development, rather than as an add on – which generally results in being more cost efficient as well.

The audience was engaged and the questions overran the allocated timeslot, reinforcing the interest and ongoing challenges of implementing and operationalising Privacy by Design and client centricity.

The discussion and questions also strayed into the areas of ethics and AI, and the convergence of so many forces that are reinforcing the notion that an organisation's privacy team needs to be involved and integrate with many other areas of a business including risk, cyber security, legal, governance, and ethics.

The consensus was that it was a fabulous event and we have a strong and engaged privacy community in Sydney, and many of us will again meet at the iapp Summit in Sydney at the end of October.