ReWire is an initiative run by Estates Gazette, the key publication for the Real Estate sector. Its aim – to facilitate, support and share views on how greater diversity and inclusion can be achieved. Recently, our Senior Partner Virginia Clegg was invited to take part in a podcast panel discussion on the progression of this ambition, both generally in the sector and specifically at DAC Beachcroft. Her fellow panellists included senior directors from British Land and Swan Housing.

Questions the panel explored have wider application across all sectors. They included: how can the workplace facilitate the delivery of diversity and inclusion; how can different needs of different generations be reflected in the design of the workplace; how can returners–to-work feel comfortable and empowered by changes that have taken place in the office environment.

As part of her response, Virginia commented, "At DAC Beachcroft we are very clear about the behaviours that support a diverse and inclusive environment; our workspace is designed to support this. In our new global headquarters at The Walbrook in London, the design aims to be mindful of individual needs, in part through the variety of working areas it provides. The workspace is an enabler of both flexible and agile working. Supporting the way people want to work and respecting their choices is an important consideration in our People Strategy."

Sam McClary, Deputy Editor of Estates Gazette, in summary of the discussion said, "A 'workplace that inspires confidence', 'where people can feel at home', 'a place where people can connect and are listened to' are just some of the phrases our panellists used. For me that encapsulates the changes that are helping deliver the new work order of diversity and inclusion."

Listen to Virginia on the podcast here.