As part of our commitment to educate our lawyers and staff on the importance of unique differences in all of us, the firm hosted a number of programs. 

Dr. Arin Reeves, a leading researcher, author and adviser in the fields of leadership and inclusion, presented on the characteristics of effective feedback. Dr. Reeves, a best-selling author of two books — The Next IQ and One Size Never Fits All — and the president of the research and advisory firm Nextions, has designed and led several comprehensive research projects on leadership and inclusion in topics ranging from gender equity, cultural integration and implicit bias to transformational leadership and working through generational differences. In her Jan. 25 talk, she spoke on research findings on the characteristics of effective feedback, practical strategies for delivering and receiving feedback, and how everyone can positively contribute to a workplace when provided effective feedback.

Heidi K. Brown, Brooklyn Law School professor and author of The Introverted Lawyer, provided insights from her book on Feb. 27. Professor Brown's talk addressed the valuable gifts that introverted individuals bring to the legal profession, including active listening, deep thinking, empathy, impactful legal writing, creative problem-solving and thoughtful communication. A prolific scholar and author of four books on predictive and persuasive legal writing and federal litigation, as well as numerous scholarly articles, professor Brown draws from her own experience of conquering the fear of public speaking during her litigation career to become passionate about helping law students and lawyers "find their authentic lawyer voices" and overcome anxiety about Socratic legal discourse.