Winston & Strawn LLP and Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro LLP have filed a new antitrust class action in the Northern District of California against the NCAA and the Big 10, SEC, PAC-12, ACC, and Big 12 conferences. The case seeks treble damages on behalf of current and former Division I college athletes for the injuries they suffered from the rules prohibiting these athletes from receiving education-related compensation of up to $5,980 in academic or graduation incentives, which were found to be unlawful in the Alston v. NCAA case.

"We can go back four years under the statute of limitations. The last two years are the period in which the rules have been enjoined, so now we can identify the schools that would provide the benefits and seek damages for athletes at those schools for the two years prior to that time. This is a gap in the relief Alston provided, so we're going to fill that gap," Winston & Strawn Co-Executive Chairman Jeffrey Kessler told The Athletic.

The Winston team representing the athletes includes Jeffrey Kessler, David Greenspan, Jeanifer Parsigian, and Adam Dale.

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