At the beginning of January 2020, the Registry for .PS (Palestine), the Palestinian Nation Internet Naming Authority (PNINA), made available a number of single character .PS domain names. In doing so, the .PS Registry joined a growing number of Registries to offer this type of domain name.

There are no local presence eligibility requirements to register a .PS domain name so anyone, be they an individual or an organisation, can register one.

With the advent of the new generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) and the growing list of country code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs) that allow single character domain names (including those that allow single character Internationalised Domain Names (IDNs)), these domain names are now much less rare than they once were, although there are only three single character domain names currently assigned under .COM (< >, < > and < >). Among the ccTLDs, single character domain names are allowed in around 69 of them, including .AC, .CM, .CN, .CO, .CZ, .DE, .DK, .FM, .IO, .LY, .MD, .MK, .NZ, .PL, .RO, .TV .UA and .WS.

The influx of this new domain name real estate has resulted in something of a democratisation of single character domain name ownership, with brokers specialised in selling weird and wonderful single character domain names even springing up. However, given that single character IDNs are registered using their Punycode translations (< ᗅ.com > becoming < > and < ዘ.com> becoming < >, for example) and with many keyboards and browsers unable to cope with the characters required by these domain names, they remain in many cases novelty items, or, as one vendor describes them: "Incomprehensible. Untypable. Unicode."

The list of available single character .PS domain names is available as part of the premium domains listing on the .PS Registry website.

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