In connection with the 2020 planned assessment of the reporting and disclosure requirements under Solvency II, EIOPA is seeking input from stakeholders on areas that could be improved. The 2020 assessment is intended to identify whether the existing reporting and disclosure requirements are fit for purpose and if they facilitate a risk-based and proportionate approach.

EIOPA will launch a public consultation later in 2019. In the meantime, EIOPA has identified particular areas in the disclosure and reporting process in which it is interested in receiving feedback. The specific topics EIOPA invites stakeholders to consider can be found on the submission page.

Submissions should be made before 21 February 2019. Submissions made after that date but before 31 March 2019 will be considered on a best effort basis.

This article contains a general summary of developments and is not a complete or definitive statement of the law. Specific legal advice should be obtained where appropriate.