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As the island nation prepares to commemorate Good Friday and celebrate Easter Sunday, its streets come alive with ancient traditions that have endured for centuries.
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As the island nation prepares to commemorate Good Friday and celebrate Easter Sunday, its streets come alive with ancient traditions that have endured for centuries. Take the opportunity to journey through time and delve into the solemn processions, vibrant celebrations, and unwavering faith that define these sacred days.

Good Friday Processions in Malta

On this sacred day, the Maltese people gather with hearts heavy yet reverent. The cobblestone streets echo with the hushed footsteps of the faithful, their eyes fixed on life-size statues that bear witness to Christ's ultimate sacrifice. The air is thick with anticipation as the procession begins, each statue a silent storyteller of the Passion.

As the sun dips below the horizon, sombre melodies fill the air. The haunting strains of funeral marches intertwine with the whispered prayers of the crowd. The music, centuries-old, weaves a tapestry of grief and hope, drawing the faithful into the heart of Christ's suffering. It is a symphony of sorrow, a reminder that redemption comes at a cost. The streets, otherwise bustling with life, transform into a sacred stage. Torchlight flickers, casting shadows on ancient facades. Families stand shoulder-to-shoulder, their faces etched with reverence. Children clutch candles, their innocence juxtaposed against the weight of the moment. The procession inches forward, pausing at stations that depict Christ's journey—the betrayal, the scourging, the agonising climb to Golgotha.

The statues, meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, bear the weight of centuries. Their eyes, carved in anguish, gaze upon the faithful. Mary, her heart pierced by sorrow, walks alongside her crucified son. John, the beloved disciple, supports her trembling form. The Roman soldiers, stoic yet complicit, flank the scene. And Jesus, bloodied and broken, carries the cross—a burden that transcends time and place. The entire population participates—believers and non-believers alike. In this shared experience, faith transcends denominations. The streets become a sacred artery connecting past and present, mortal and divine. As the procession winds through narrow alleys, the weight of Christ's sacrifice settles on every soul. It is a communion of tears, a collective bearing witness to love's ultimate act.

  • Villages and Times: Several localities hold Good Friday (29th March 2024) processions, including:
    • Il-Birgu (Vittoriosa) at 19:00
    • Il-Bormla (Cospicua) at 17:30
    • L-Isla (Senglea) at 17:30
    • Ħal-Luqa at 17:30
    • Il-Mosta at 17:30
    • In-Naxxar at 17:30
    • Paola, at 17:30
    • Ħal-Qormi (San Ġorġ) at 17:30
    • Ir-Rabat at 17:30
    • Il-Belt, Valletta at 18:00
    • Haż-Żebbug at 17:30
    • Iż-Żejtun at 17:00
    • San Lawrenz - 15:00
    • In-Nadur - 18:00
    • Ix-Xagħra - 18:00
    • Haż-Żebbug - 18:00
    • Basilica of St. George r-Rabat - 17:30

For further information, look at the schedules found here: 2024 Good Friday Processions Malta: 21 Must See Holy Week Pageant (

Easter Sunday: Resurrection's Radiance

As dawn breaks on Easter Sunday, the island exhales. The stone walls seem to breathe, and the sea hums a secret melody. It is a day of jubilation—a cosmic exhalation after the cosmic inhalation of Good Friday.

Churches burst forth with light. The Resurrection is proclaimed: "He is risen!" The faithful gather, their hearts buoyant. The tomb, once sealed, stands empty—a symbol of victory over death. White lilies adorn the altar, their fragrance mingling with incense. Alleluias cascade like confetti.

Easter Sunday processions, though less solemn, carry their own weight of significance. The statues, veiled in mourning on Good Friday, now wear robes of white and gold. They move with purpose, their steps echoing the heartbeat of resurrection. Banners flutter, proclaiming life's triumph. The faithful follow, their faces radiant.

In this delicate balance between sorrow and celebration, Malta finds its heartbeat. The streets, once shrouded in mourning, now resonate with hope. Families gather for festive meals, exchanging kisses and stories. Children hunt for hidden eggs, symbols of new beginnings. And the sea, stretching beyond the horizon, whispers the secrets of eternity.

As the sun climbs higher, casting its golden net upon the island, the Maltese people hold both days—the agony and the ecstasy—in their hearts. Good Friday and Easter Sunday: twin pillars of faith, etching their legacy into the limestone cliffs. May the statues continue their silent vigil, and may hope's flame burns forever.

Easter Sunday In Malta Processions 2024

  • Villages and Times: Several localities hold Easter Sunday (31st, March 2024) processions, including:
    • Birgu | Vittoriosa - 10:00
    • Birkirkara - 18:00
    • Birzebbugia - 19:00
    • Bormla - 09:00
    • Gharghur - 09:00
    • Gzira - 09:45
    • Isla | Senglea - 09:00
    • Kalkara - 18:30
    • Luqa - 09:30
    • Mosta - 18:30
    • Naxxar - 08:30
    • Paola - 09:00
    • Qormi - San Gorg - 09:00
    • Qormi - San Bastian - 09:15
    • Rabat - 10:00
    • Sliema - St. Gregory - 17:30
    • St. Julians - 10:30
    • Valletta - Tal-Gizwieti - 18:15
    • Zebbug - 09:00
    • Zejtun - 10:00
    • Il-Fontana - 11:00
    • L-Għarb - 18:00
    • Ir-Rabat - Katidral - 10:45
    • Ta' Kerċem - 18:45
    • In-Nadur - 09:15
    • Qala - 11:00
    • Ir-Rabat - San Ġorġ - 08:45
    • Ix-Xagħra - 18:00
    • Ix-Xewkija - 09:30
    • Haż-Żebbuġ - 17:00

For more information, find the times and routes here: Easter Sunday in Malta 2024 | Easter Processions In Malta (

Have a Happy Easter weekend from all of us at Attard Baldacchino. We hope that you enjoy this treasured Maltese tradition that is so dear to our hearts.

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