• Beginning on October 1, 2022, plant-based meat alternative products in France will face new labeling challenges. The decree (in French) prohibits manufacturers of plant-based products from using "sector-specific terminology traditionally associated with meat and fish." Notably, this law applies exclusively to products made in France and not to imports.
  • Under this decree, terms like "steak," "sausage," or "chicken" will not be allowed to describe meatless, plant-based products. However, terms like "burger" will remain permissible because it does not specifically refer to meat.
  • France is the first country in Europe to ban this "meaty" language for plant-based foods; although, the European Union has prohibited plant-based products from using labels like "milk," "cheese," and "butter" if they do not include dairy ingredients. On an international scale, South Africa recently passed a similar restriction on the use of "meaty" language for plant-based products. Keller and Heckman will continue to monitor changes in plant-based labeling requirements.

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